Vein Insurance Billing Notes

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Getting vein services covered by insurances can be challenging for both the vein patient and the Vein Center.

Phlebology coding / Billing / CPT codes

Some of the codes that we use at Surgical Artistry Vein Center in Modesto, CA are listed below.  This website was made in the latter part of 2009, and vein codes do change - so please check with your references on billing before applying these.  This webpage is not intended to create physician patient relationships - please check with your doctor in person. 

Who would find this useful:  Usually other Vein Practices who bill insurances.  Perhaps some enterprising patients who want to figure out their bills and take part in the insurance billing adventures.  If you ventured onto this webpage by accident - you probably want to see my Surgical Artistry Modesto Vein Clinic webpage.

Initial Patient Encounters CPT codes

99243 consultation
99244 consultation
99203 self referred patient
99204 self referred patient


Insertions of RF or Laser Filaments for vein ablation CPT codes

36476 rf ablation second insertion same or different vein
36479 laser ablation second insertion same or different vein
36475 rf ablation first insertion
36478 laser ablation first insertion


Sclerotherapy Billing - for medically necessary situations CPT codes

Examples of medically necessary sclerotherapy would be closing off the distal portion of the greater saphenous vein or chemical ablation of a refluxing perforator.

93971 (LT or RT) Reviewing and mapping (duplex scan) the leg prior to performing the sclerotherapy
76942 (LT or RT) ultrasound guided needle placement
36471 (LT or RT) Sclerotherapy itself, multiple veins


Follow up Ultrasound CPT code

76970 Follow up ultrasound


Office Visits

99212 For most usual office visits unless new symptoms that require diagnostic work


Global Time Frames


Modifiers for CPT codes

If a service is performed during a global period, modifiers must be attached.

Most common modifiers are:

58 stages or related procedure
79 unrelated procedure within a global period
24 unrelated evaluation


(209) 551-1888 - 2336 Sylvan Ave. Suite C, Modesto, CA 95355. 
Located next to the post office on Sylvan Ave, Modesto, CA

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Source:  I got most of this information above from VEIN Directory. org vol 2, issue 3, summer 2009, and added some of my own personal thoughts.

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