My Notes on Lavender.

Purpose of this lavender webpage

Some people have blogs.  I just write some notes of things I'm interested in, and perhaps it would be useful to others on the web.  Disclaimer:  because I work as a doc, doesn't mean I know any more about this topic than others.  Thus, I cannot say that I'm endoring any part of this webpage to be used as medical advice.  Consult your doctor and/or lawyer before doing anything.

I have some lavendar growing in the landscaping of my house and wondered what uses it would have, besides being a pretty plant.  So I found some great pictures and gathered some notes.  Most of this info comes from Wikipedia

Image:Lavender FarmTomita.jpg

Lavender farm

Image:Single lavendar flower02.jpg

Lavender flower up close


Lavender facts:

Medincinal uses of Lavender:

Plastic Surgical / General Surgical relevance of Lavender - lavender's effect on skin and breasts?

References: - University of Maryland Medical Center - Wikipedia - Bad Shampoo for Boys? -

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